02 novembro, 2013

My daily make-up kit

hello ! this is my daily make-up kit, it's simple, just for a nude look.
i love this Garnier bb cream because it's more practical, i have no patience to put moisturizer before the foundation. my only problem is that i have oily skin, and i am still looking for the perfect bb cream for me, wish me luck.. continuing, after the bb cream i put Sephora compact powder for a flawless finish. then i use Sephora pink blush because it's the most suitable for my skin color. in the eyes i just put Sephora eye liner. i specially like this one because it's waterproof so i can make sure that does not smudge and lasts. this Maybelline mascara volume it's great because i have extremely small and thin lashes, so it gives volume to look like they are longer and thicker. on my lips i usually just put a simple lipstick because i don't like when it looks blurred and i have to retouch it all the time. but i like to use red lipstick for special occasions.
my sequence is: foundation, compact powder, blush, eye liner, mascara, and lipstick. if you like to put eye shadow i advise you to do the eyes make up first to keep the base clean and spotless face, you will look fresher!
this is it, i hope i've given you good references (:

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